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MSC - Sir Bani Yas Island

MSC Cruises - Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Oman


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Winter sun cruise ~ Arabian Delights on board MSC Opera Itinerary: Dubai ~ Khasab, Oman ~ Muscat, Oman ~ Sea ~ Abu Dhabi, Sir Bani Yas Island ~ Dubai The Arabian Gulf. The name alone evokes oriental fascination, landscapes set between the turquoise sea and the warm colours of the desert. It speaks of caravans loaded with treasures, of immensely opulent palaces and of legends whose origins go back to time immemorial. Abu Dhabi and Dubai will surprise guests with their daring, futuristic architecture. Where once there was just desert, today we find the tallest buildings in the world, the most luxurious hotels and the boldest of architecture that coexists with the historic palaces and the remnants of the long and rich Arab history. Locations not to miss are the Gulf of Oman and its spectacular coral reef, Khor al Fakkan, Khasab and Muscat, where guests can get a taste of the enchanted atmospheres of the one thousand and one nights.

MSC Cruises - Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Oman

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